LOD S2 Episode 1: Swamp Muckery


It’s Swamp Monster Madness as The Longbox of Darkness returns to ring in Shocktober 2021 with an episode filled with your favorite muck-encrusted monstrosities. Part 1 of the show features a prelude to our main segment as Horror Host Herman talks his love for Theodore Sturgeon’s IT! from Marvel’s Supernatural Thrillers #1 and Basil Wolverton’s SWAMP MONSTER from Weird Mysteries #5. Then special guest and horror comic fanatic GARY ARKELL joins the Longbox to talk SWAMP THING Vol.1 #9 & 10 – two true classics! All this, and more, on The Longbox of Darkness Season 2.

Reach out to LOD by emailing us at darklongbox@gmail.com, or by following us on Twitter@darklongbox. And please check out the blog over at http://www.darklongbox.com. Thanks for listening! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/darklongbox/message

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