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Greetings, Fright Aficionados!

I’m Herm, your resident blogger in darkness. Welcome to The Longbox of Darkness, where we delve into all things spine-tingling and skin-crawling in the realm of comics, films, and fiction. If you’ve ever wondered who’s working backstage, pulling back the proverbial curtain on horror’s most chilling stories, that would be me, your humble horror guide.

A Lifelong Love Affair with Horror

Ever since I was young, the horror genre has captured my imagination like nothing else. While other kids were content with superheroes and fairy tales, I was engrossed in the ghastly and the grotesque, turning pages soaked in dread. From Lovecraft’s eldritch horrors to the haunting images in the early EC Comics, the world of horror has been my sanctuary. With The Longbox of Darkness, I’ve found the perfect way to share this lifelong passion with fellow enthusiasts.

The Genesis: Blog and Podcast

Since 2017, The Longbox of Darkness blog and podcast have served as my corner of the Internet where I can share my musings, analysis, and appreciation for horror. What began as a small project quickly grew into a platform attracting horror aficionados from all walks of life. The journey from then to now has been nothing short of thrilling, and we’re just getting started!

More Than Just a Horror Junkie

Though horror is my first love, I pride myself on being a well-rounded geek. With topics from Marvel comics to sci-fi, I like to think I bring a unique perspective to the horror genre. And let’s not forget the LOD podcast, where I geek out over horror topics on a weekly basis. My diverse interest in the genres surrounding horror enables me to appreciate the broader fandom from multiple angles, whether it’s the literary depth of Stephen King, the art of French master Moebius, the weird future worlds of Philip K. Dick, or the cinematic craft of Alfred Hitchcock.

Living the Expat Life

Now living as an expat in Asia, I continue to feed my horror addiction. Residing in a different cultural setting has only expanded my appreciation for horror, allowing me to explore how different cultures interpret fear and the unknown. It’s always fascinating to find the universal elements that make a story truly terrifying, regardless of where you’re from.

The LOD Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of running The Longbox of Darkness has been interacting with you—the community. Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned horror/sci-fi veteran, there’s a place for you here. I love hearing your thoughts, reading your comments, and engaging in spirited debates that only deepen our understanding and love for horror. All comments are welcome!

The End is Just the Beginning

Though we’ve come a long way since 2017, there’s still so much more to explore, dissect, and revel in. I invite you to join me on this frightful journey; there’s always room for one more in our horror-loving family!

So there you have it, constant readers and listeners of the Pod: a glimpse into the life of the man behind The Longbox of Darkness. Stick around and let’s make nightmares together!

Yours chillingly


Herm from The Longbox of Darkness
Coffee, horror… life is good.

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