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LOD Season 2 Episode 2: PLOP!

Herman welcomes Mark Cain, the host of the United Nations of Horror Podcast, to the show. DC Comics’ classic Humor/horror anthology PLOP! that ran for 24 issues from 1973-1976, forms the basis of our discussion. When not wracked by fits of uncontrollable laughter, we shudder at the horror presented in Issues #1 and #2, with […]


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About LOD

On my fifth birthday a relative gifted me a blackened long box filled with old horror, war, and superhero comics. On that day the Longbox of Darkness was born. Four decades of voracious reading later, and here we are.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Longbox of Darkness is a wonderful podcast that covers one of my favorite topics: horror comics. The hosts have a wonderful and supportive camaraderie that makes this podcast a pleasure to listen to. So just sit back and relax while they take you through some gruesome classic horror comics.

— The Professor Frenzy Show

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This show is the perfect companion piece for those who enjoy horror comics or horror in general. Don’t have experience with horror comics? No problem! This is a podcast for neophytes and veterans alike. The host has a smooth and even delivery that welcomes listeners. He truly has a passion for the subject material. Good luck finding horror podcasts this much fun.

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