Episode 17: Elvira’s House of Mystery

Hey there, constant listeners.

This week The Longbox of Darkness is proud to announce the addition of a new co-host to the show – Misty Graves! A horror fan and rabid comic reader, Misty has agreed to bring some much needed Oomph! to the show. Honestly, things were getting a little dull around here, wouldn’t you agree?

To inaugurate Misty’s first episode we decided to dissect one of her favorite comic series ever: Elvira’s HOUSE OF MYSTERY from DC. If you’ve already listened to the show, you might remember that I promised to post some pics regarding the two issues of Elvira we talked about. Well, feast your eyes on the images below.

An incredible cover by Denys Cowan and Dick Giordano. Wouldn’t ya agree, ya varmint?
As the new custodian of the House of Mystery, Elvira really gets into the spirit of things.
Death as a wandering troubadour.
The groom is assassinated on his wedding day. That’s cold, man.
Elvira has her own problems. Death the Balladeer is driving her batty.
Just desserts as the killer kicks air.
The victim’s paralyzed father looks on, tasting the bitter tang of revenge.
This is a sinister episode written by Robert Kanigher. A more appropriate title might be “The HELLevator.”
A motley crew indeed.
Hell’s bells, what have we hear? Torn apart by demons and rats? Now that’s just cliché.
Now this is more like it. Hell’s Anaconda gets his dinner.
To be silenced for all eternity has to be torture for a villain who enjoys monologuing.
A bit of a cringe-worthy moment here, as the creators show a black character being ‘branded.’ Sheesh. Definitely not PC.
Throughout the Devil’s speech, all Elvira can think about is jumping his fiery bones.
Another fantastic cover, this time by the great Joe Orlando and Ed Hannigan.
Once the ladies spotted Cain outside, they should’ve hightailed it. But there’s no turning back now…
One of the girls picks up a ghostly stalker.
The monstrousness of the landlord’s scheme is revealed, as Cain prepares for a repeat performance.
Elvira doesn’t just break the fourth wall, she threatens to blast it to kingdom come.
Seeing your long lost son’s face on a totem pole appearing on TV is nuts enough, but using an idiom to describe it is beyond the boundaries of the weird.
Yep, that’s right. This is a werewolf story, folks.
New title for this tale: “Two Low WEREMEN on the Totem Pole.”
Elvira hands Cain the ultimate ignominy – inviting his brother ABEL over.

Hope you enjoyed that, dark ones. It sure was a heck of a lot of fun for Misty and me.

Thanks for reading and listening, and we’ll catch you next time.

Pleasant screams!

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