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S2 Episode 5 Podcast Supplemental: Who Scares You?

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Hey there, fear aficionados! Did you get a chance to dive into our latest podcast episode? If you did, you’re probably still reeling from the harrowing origin stories and menacing characters we talked about. But if you’re here for a quick, bite-sized recap, you’ve landed in the right place! Trust me, you won’t want to sleep with the lights off after this one.

As a follow-up to our spooktacular episode, we’re thrilled to present you with a quick rundown of our three show segments, “It Came From The Longbox,” (Comics), “Cineplex of Terror” (Films), and “The Book Nook of Doom” (Fiction/Non-fiction). In part 1 we counted down LOD’s ten most terrifying characters that ever haunted the panels of comic books. This list is a who’s-who of spine-chilling, nightmare-inducing villains that will make your skin crawl and your heart race. Whether you’re a seasoned comic book reader or a newcomer eager for some grim storytelling, this list has something wicked for everyone.

The topic was also the subject of a recent blog post, where we went into more detail about the characters on the list. Check it out here!

However, if you’re here for the episode recap, the following should provide you with all the brain droppings you need:

Part 1: It Came… From The Longbox!

What follows is the list of creepy characters we discussed. Feel free to comment with your own list, or to email your thoughts and picks to contact@darklongbox.com, and we’ll mention them on the next show!

LOD’s List

  • 10.Skinner Sweet: This cowboy vampire from Vertigo Comics isn’t just breaking hearts, he’s breaking all the vampire rules—making him unpredictably horrifying.
  • 9.Mr. Dark (Fables): A creeping force of malevolence, Mr. Dark doesn’t just haunt your dreams, he owns them.
  • 8.Dr. William Gull (From Hell): A historical figure turned comic book terror, his twisted intellect makes him scarier than any mere monster.
  • 7.Kid Miracleman: Once a superhero sidekick, now a god-like menace. His fall from grace is as tragic as it is terrifying.
  • 6.Judge Death: A literal death sentence, Judge Death serves as judge, jury, and executioner—a ghastly trifecta that’s bone-chillingly inescapable.
  • 5.Shuma-Gorath: This multi-dimensional entity is the stuff of nightmares, a tentacled horror with cosmic-level malevolence.
  • 4.The Corinthian: With teeth for eyes and a love for collecting souls, The Corinthian is a nightmarish figure you’d never want to encounter even in your worst dreams.
  • 3.The Governor: The human face of evil in a post-apocalyptic world, his twisted ideologies make him as frightening as any supernatural entity.
  • 2.The Candlemaker: Not your typical arts and crafts project, this creature feeds off humanity’s deepest fears to unleash hellish chaos.
  • 1.Anton Arcane: The embodiment of pure evil, Arcane’s horrifying acts are driven by a desire for immortality, making him an unforgettable symbol of dread.

Part 2: Cineplex of Terror!

Our exploration of horror does not stop at comic books. We now shift our focus to the silver screen, delving into West Craven’s bone-chilling masterpiece, “The People Under the Stairs.” This film tells a harrowing tale of desperation, twisted social norms, and malevolent forces. Young ‘Fool’, our main protagonist, ventures into a sinister mansion, battling the horrors within, providing viewers with a nail-biting experience.

Craven’s film is a masterclass in horror, showcasing a twisted reflection of society through a grotesque mirror. The mansion in the film is a living, breathing entity of terror, with walls hiding dark secrets and floors concealing the wretched ‘people under the stairs.’ The film serves as a grotesque reflection of the societal norms of the time, adding a layer of societal critique to the horror.

Part 3: The Book Nook of Doom

So, we’ve spooked you, thrilled you, and probably made you a little paranoid about the looming shadows in your room. But hey, let’s not end our journey on such a haunting note, shall we? For the third part of our episode, we took a slightly different turn and transported ourselves to a world that existed in the imaginations of artists from the psychedelic ’70s—a world beyond time, if you will.

Worlds Beyond Time - Sci-Fi Art of the 1970s

Adam Rowe’s art book “Worlds Beyond Time: Sci-fi Art of the 1970s” is a celebration of the surreal, the futuristic, and the downright bizarre. This book is more than just a collection of art; it’s a time capsule, capturing the groundbreaking visions that shaped the sci-fi genre during one of its most transformative decades.

What’s fascinating about Rowe’s compilation is the way it encapsulates the ’70s unique blend of optimism and existential dread. From galactic space odysseys to cybernetic landscapes, the artwork takes you on a roller coaster ride through the dreams and nightmares of a generation looking forward into an uncertain future.

Do yourselves a favor: grab a copy of this book, make some tea or coffee, find a cozy corner, and get lost in the celestial dreams of artists who looked at a canvas and saw endless possibilities—both thrilling and terrifying. It’s not just a trip down memory lane; it’s a glimpse into a future that might have been, and might still be.

The Wrap-Up

We hope you enjoyed the episode, constant listeners. From the nerve-wracking descent into the abyss of comic book villainy to the cosmic journey through ’70s Sci-fi art—thanks for staying with us! We really appreciate it.

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Thanks for tuning in, and as always, keep exploring those dark vistas and cobwebbed corners.


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On my fifth birthday a relative gifted me a black box filled with old horror, war, and superhero comics. On that day, my journey through the Weird began, and The Longbox of Darkness was born. Four decades of voracious reading later, and here we are.