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S2 Episode 3 Podcast Supplemental – A Perfect Blue Sky in October Country

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In this episode of the Longbox of Darkness, we resurrect the LOD Podcast! Without wasting any time apologizing for almost a year-long absence, we jump straight into an eerie exploration of the macabre where horror and dark fantasy sinuously intertwine with three brand new segments:

1) “It Came From The Long Box!” – Comics of the Horror Variety.

2) “Cineplex of Terror!” – The Films of Fear.

3) “Book Nook of Doom!” – Our Weird Fiction literary autopsy.

First on the agenda of this episode is a nostalgia trip back to the 1970s with Charlton Comics’ Scary Tales #13—a vintage classic that’s captured a special place in our vault of our nightmarish delights. Ah, Charlton Comics, a name that rings loud in the annals of horror. We dissect not just the spine-chilling stories within, but also delve into Charlton’s role in shaping the horror comic genre we love today.

Charlton Comics Horror Podcast
Cover by Alfredo Elias.
Interior Stories by Joe Gill and Nikola Cuti.
Art by Alfredo Elias, Tom Sutton, and Joe Staton.

Now, let’s talk about Jimmy Wolfe. Ever thought your family gatherings were unbearable? Wait until you hear about Jimmy’s lycanthropic family curse. His tale not only peels back the layers of haunting family secrets but also serves as a portal into the lore of werewolves—exploring the myth, the terror, and the pop-culture footprint of these cursed beings.

Charlton Comics Horror Podcast

Charlton Comics Horror Podcast

But we’re not stopping there. We also take a cinematic detour into the mesmerizing and disorienting world of Satoshi Kon’s extraordinary anime ‘Perfect Blue‘. This is not your run-of-the-mill horror; it’s a mind-bending journey that leaves you questioning the very fabric of reality. With its visual splendor and narrative complexity, Perfect Blue defies traditional horror archetypes, and we gleefully and sadistically unpack it all for you in this episode.

Longbox of Darkness Podcast Perfect Blue

And finally, the pièce de résistance: Ray Bradbury’s ‘The October Country‘. This anthology is nothing short of a carnival of the macabre madness and magnificence. Bradbury takes us on a mesmerizing trek through haunting landscapes—from creepy carnivals to sinister lakes. As we discuss each story, we’ll uncover the fears and obsessions that make his characters so chillingly relatable. Bradbury holds up a mirror to the human soul, exposing the true horror within. What more could you ask for, fear fanatics?

So, whether you’re a lifelong horror devotee or a curious newcomer, this episode promises an exhilarating jaunt into stories that will make your skin crawl and your heart quiver in terror. Grab your werewolf kill-kit and join us as we explore the darkest, most thrilling corners of comic book, film, and fear fiction.

Happy hauntings, horror hounds!


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On my fifth birthday a relative gifted me a black box filled with old horror, war, and superhero comics. On that day, my journey through the Weird began, and The Longbox of Darkness was born. Four decades of voracious reading later, and here we are.