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Horror’s Dirty Dozen: The Fear Fiction Edition

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Hark, fear fiction addicts! With this post, the Longbox of Darkness thought we’d have a bit of fun. I mean, not everything can be doom and gloom, can it? So today we’ll be engaging in an intellectual exercise of sorts – we’ll be assembling a team of monstrous miscreants! This is a trope frequently used in superhero or heist movies, but we’ll be taking candidates from the shadowy corners of pulp literature, where the macabre dances with the grotesque! And they won’t just be any motley crew of fictional ne’er-do-wells, but a veritable ‘Dirty Dozen’ of horror fiction’s most formidable and sinister characters. Inspired by the concept of the classic film ‘The Dirty Dozen‘ and the ‘Suicide Squad‘ from the realm of comic books, we’ll delve into an imaginative ‘what-if’ scenario: if we were to form a squad from the annals of horror literature to combat some cosmic-level threat, who would make the cut?

This is not a team of heroes; far from it. These are the characters that haunt our dreams, that make us check under the bed before we sleep. But imagine, if you can, the power they would wield if brought together. A squad capable of dealing with threats that would make mere mortals quake in their boots. A team of twelve that can outwit, outlast, and outspook any adversary. And no, I won’t be using godlike demonic entities like Lovecraft’s Cthulhu or Milton’s Lucifer – that would be cheating!

Why embark on this chilling journey? Because it’s Halloween every day in the world of horror fandom, that’s why! This is a fun, spine-tingling thought experiment for those of us who revel in the darker side of fiction. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to revisit some of the genre’s most iconic characters and perhaps introduce them to a new generation of fear aficionados.

So, without further ado, let’s raise the curtain on our Horror Fiction Dirty Dozen. Hold onto your garlic, keep your crucifix close, and whatever you do, don’t read this list out loud after midnight…

Assembling the Unholy Twelve

1. Count Dracula (A predictable choice, I know)

  • Origin & Original Appearance: The infamous Count from Bram Stoker’s 1897 classic “Dracula” is the archetypal vampire, the very model of nocturnal nobility. He’s also a raving mad lunatic warlord from the middle-ages with a sadistically strategic mind honed by years of large-scale combat.
  • Powers: Beyond his vast vampiric strength, speed, and immortality, Dracula can shape-shift, control weather, and command nocturnal creatures. Plus, he’s a charmer – no one rocks a cape quite like him.
  • Why Effective: With his tactical genius and centuries of experience, Dracula is the perfect leader for our squad. His knack for strategy and seduction makes him an asset in any supernatural skirmish.

2. The Manitou

  • Origin & Original Appearance: From the pages of Graham Masterton’s 1976 novel “The Manitou,” this ancient spirit represents the darker side of Native American mythology.
  • Powers: The Manitou, a war-shaman reborn, wields the powers of the earth and sky, summoning ancient magic and commanding the elements along with the spirits of the beyond.
  • Why Effective: When you need someone to call down the wrath of the spirits or whip up a storm or turn a whole squad of armed men into shish kebab, there’s no better choice. Plus, his link to the natural world gives the team an earthy edge.

Mordred Deschain

  • Origin & Original Appearance: Spawned from the twisted narrative of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series, Mordred Deschain is a creature born of a union between the series’ protagonist, Roland Deschain, and the malevolent sorceress Mia, using the seed of the series’ antagonist, the Crimson King.
  • Powers: Mordred possesses a terrifying array of abilities. He has the shapeshifting ability to alternate between human and spider forms, telepathy, and a vampiric need to consume living creatures for sustenance. In his spider form, he’s a formidable predator, and in his human form, he’s capable of deceit and manipulation.
  • Why Effective: Mordred’s inclusion in the Dirty Dozen adds a layer of unpredictability and raw, predatory power. His shapeshifting and telepathic abilities make him a master of both espionage and assault. A being of pure malice, Mordred is the wild card that could tip the scales of any supernatural battle.


  • Origin & Original Appearance: Circe, the captivating sorceress from Greek Myth, made her debut in Homer’s ancient Greek epic “The Odyssey,” which contains quite a few horror elements. And if that’s not enough horror for you, how about the character’s portrayal in the novel “Circe” (2018) by Madeline Miller? There’s quite a bit of body horror in that text, folks.
  • Circe resides on the island of Aeaea, where she wields her enchantments with grace and cunning, often transforming men into pigs or other animals and binding them to her will, she’s got quite a few other tricks up her sleeve as well, though.
  • Powers: Adept in the arts of potion-making and transmutation, Circe can transform humans into animals, heal nearly any wound, and conjure illusions. Her knowledge of herbs and magic is unparalleled, making her a formidable witch.
  • Why Effective: Circe brings to the team an ancient wisdom and a mastery of arcane magic. Her ability to bewitch and transform adds a layer of versatility to the squad. Whether it’s brewing a potion to aid or heal an ally or casting a spell to confound an enemy, Circe’s mystical prowess makes her an invaluable member of Horror’s Dirty Dozen.

Frankenstein’s Monster

  • Origin & Original Appearance: Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” (1818) introduced us to this misunderstood patchwork creation, often wrongly dubbed Frankenstein himself.
  • Powers: Possessing superhuman strength and resilience, the Monster also has a surprisingly intelligent and philosophical mind.
  • Why Effective: His brute strength is a no-brainer, but it’s his unexpected intellect and capacity for unlimited cruelty (at least as far as his portrayal in literature) that make him a multi-dimensional asset.


  • Origin & Original Appearance: William Beckford’s 1786 novel “Vathek” paints a tale of an Arabian antihero with a penchant for the dark arts.
  • Powers: Vathek’s insatiable curiosity for the occult has granted him unnatural powers, though at great cost to his soul.
  • Why Effective: Sometimes, you need someone who’s willing to delve into the forbidden for the greater (or lesser) good. Vathek’s your man – or caliph, to be precise.


  • Origin & Original Appearance: Emerging from the murky depths of the Old English epic poem “Beowulf,” Grendel is a creature born from nightmares.
  • Powers: This monstrous descendant of Cain possesses immense strength and a fearsome appetite for destruction (and Danish warriors).
  • Why Effective: When brute force is the order of the day, Grendel is your monster. His legendary ferocity is sure to send shivers down any foe’s spine.

Rose the Hat

  • Origin & Original Appearance: Stephen King introduces this sinister soul in “Doctor Sleep,” the sequel to “The Shining.”
  • Powers: Rose leads the True Knot, preying on those with psychic abilities to feed her own longevity and power.
  • Why Effective: She’s the psychic vampire you never saw coming. Her blend of charm and cruelty makes her a fearsome predator against supernatural threats.


  • Origin & Original Appearance: Another King creation, this cosmic entity stars in “It,” terrorizing the children of Derry, Maine.
  • Powers: Pennywise can shapeshift, manipulate reality, and tap into its victims’ deepest fears.
  • Why Effective: Fear is a powerful weapon, and Pennywise is its master. This clown is no laughing matter when it comes to psychological warfare.

The Tuunbaq

  • Origin & Original Appearance: Dan Simmons’ “The Terror” unleashes this mythical creature from Inuit folklore upon an ill-fated Arctic expedition.
  • Powers: The Tuunbaq is a supernatural predator with immense physical prowess and a connection to the spirit world.
  • Why Effective: In the icy realms of supernatural threats, The Tuunbaq is a relentless force of nature, making it a chillingly effective team member.

Rawhead Rex

  • Origin & Original Appearance: Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood” birthed this ancient deity of blood and terror.
  • Powers: A monstrous being with insatiable hunger, Rawhead is a primal force of savagery and fear.
  • Why Effective: Sometimes, the old ways are best. Rawhead Rex’s sheer brutality and bloodlust make him a terrifying addition to our squad.

Herbert West

  • Origin & Original Appearance: From the mind of H.P. Lovecraft, Herbert West, the Re-Animator, is a man obsessed with conquering death itself.
  • Powers: West’s knowledge of forbidden sciences allows him to reanimate the dead, bending the laws of nature to his will.
  • Why Effective: Science has its monsters, too. West’s unorthodox methods and macabre experiments could prove invaluable when facing unnatural threats.

The Wrap-Up – Unleashing the Unholy

There you have it, fear aficionados—our “Horror’s Dirty Dozen: Fear Fiction Edition,” a macabre assembly of some of the most terrifying characters to ever grace the pages of horror literature. From vampiric counts to reanimated corpses, ancient demons to alien entities, our team is a veritable smorgasbord of nightmares.

But what makes this exercise more than just a ghastly roll call is the interplay of personalities and powers. Imagine the strategic meetings between Dracula and Circe, or the terrifying tag-team of Pennywise and Rose the Hat. And let’s not forget Herbert West, who could ensure that even in defeat, our team might rise again. Each member brings a unique skill set to the table, making them not just a team of monsters, but a monstrous force to be reckoned with.

This endeavor begs the question: What threats could possibly require the combined might of these twelve? Cosmic horrors from Lovecraftian depths? Apocalyptic scenarios conjured by King? Or perhaps challenges we haven’t yet dreamed of, waiting in the dark recesses of future tales. Whatever the case, this team would be ready to face it head-on—or fang-first, as the situation may dictate.

Now, readers, the crypt is open for you to contribute. Who would make your Horror’s Dirty Dozen? Do you agree with our selections, or do you have a bone to pick (pun intended)? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s continue this macabre musing together.

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