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Hellboy’s Finest: The 10 Best Hellboy Stories from the Comics

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As a fervent fan of horror comics, I have spent countless hours engrossed in tales that send shivers down my spine, often finding myself lost in the intricacies of their dark narratives. But few characters have captured my fascination like Hellboy, the brainchild of the brilliant Mike Mignola and a flagship series of Dark Horse Comics. Hellboy’s world is a thrilling amalgamation of myth, folklore, Lovecraftian horror, and pulp adventure, all underpinned by Mignola’s unique storytelling and aesthetic style. If you, too, are intrigued by the crimson-hued paranormal investigator, join me as I delve into the ten best Hellboy stories that have graced the pages of Dark Horse Comics.

1. “Seed of Destruction” (Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1-4)

The best Hellboy

It’s only fitting to start where it all began. “Seed of Destruction” is the inaugural Hellboy story, introducing us to the world-weary, wise-cracking paranormal investigator. Mignola masterfully blends Lovecraftian horror with pulp adventure to deliver a gripping narrative. Hellboy’s origin story, his summoning during World War II, and his subsequent life with the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.) are all brought to life here, establishing the tone for the series.

2. “The Corpse” (Hellboy: The Corpse and the Iron Shoes)

The best Hellboy

“The Corpse” is quintessential Hellboy – a brilliant blend of Irish folklore, dark humor, and Mignola’s unique brand of horror. Hellboy must find a proper burial for a cantankerous corpse while dealing with an array of supernatural obstacles. This short story showcases Mignola’s ability to weave folklore into a thoroughly entertaining narrative, making it a standout in the Hellboy saga.

3. “Wake the Devil” (Hellboy: Wake the Devil #1-5)

The best Hellboy

Wake the Devil” is a story rich with mythology, history, and horror. As Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. face off against the villainous Grigori Rasputin and the Nazi occultists, the tale delves into Hellboy’s demonic lineage and destiny. This narrative expands the Hellboy universe, adding depth to our hero and raising the stakes in his fight against the dark forces.

4. “Box Full of Evil” (Hellboy: Box Full of Evil #1-2)

Hellboy and his partner Abe Sapien are entangled in a tale of betrayal, demons, and a power struggle for the crown of Hell. “Box Full of Evil” stands out for its devilish intrigue and Mignola’s brilliant exploration of Hellboy’s character, further deepening our understanding of the reluctant hero.

5. “The Third Wish” (Hellboy: The Third Wish #1-2)

In “The Third Wish,” Hellboy grapples with destiny, free will, and regret in the depths of the African sea. The narrative, steeped in folklore and poignant introspection, departs from the series’ usual horror-centric stories. It’s a testament to Mignola’s versatility as a storyteller, marking it a must-read for any Hellboy fan.

6. “The Wild Hunt” (Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1-8)

The best Hellboy

The Wild Hunt” is a turning point in Hellboy’s story, delving into Arthurian legend and Hellboy’s ominous destiny as the Beast of the Apocalypse. The narrative, filled with epic battles, revelations, and emotional depth, is a monumental arc in Hellboy’s journey, culminating in a dramatic ending that forever changes the landscape of the series.

7. “The Crooked Man” (Hellboy: The Crooked Man)

Co-created with horror legend Richard Corben, “The Crooked Man” takes Hellboy to the Appalachian Mountains in a tale steeped in regional folklore and witchcraft. This stand-alone story, featuring a terrifying antagonist and an evocative setting, underscores Mignola’s mastery over atmosphere and horror.

8. “The Troll Witch” (Hellboy: The Troll Witch and Others)

The Troll Witch” transports readers to Norway, where Hellboy encounters an ancient witch and hears her poignant tale. With its stripped-down storytelling and haunting visuals, this story stands out for its focus on myth and melancholy.

9. “Hellboy in Hell” (Hellboy in Hell #1-10)

The best Hellboy

Hellboy in Hell” is a monumental series where Hellboy confronts his demonic origins, destiny, and guilt in the underworld. This ethereal narrative, replete with biblical and literary allusions, is a deep dive into Hellboy’s character and a fitting conclusion to his journey.

10. “The Fury” (Hellboy: The Storm and The Fury #1-3)

The best Hellboy

The Fury” marks the climactic end of Hellboy’s earthbound journey. As Hellboy faces off against the Queen of Blood in an epic showdown, we’re treated to a narrative rich with mythology, high stakes, and a poignant exploration of Hellboy’s character.

Honorable Mention: “Pancakes”

Often cited as a favorite by many Hellboy fans, this two-page story chronicles the breakfast tale of how Hellboy severed his ties with Hell by pouring syrup over the Hellspawn’s demoniac plans. Definitely worth checking out, as it’s one the most humorous of all the Hellboy stories.

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Journey

Hellboy’s journey from his World War II origins to the depths of Hell is a testament to Mike Mignola’s brilliance as a storyteller and his vision as an artist. These ten stories, each unique in their narrative and theme, offer a glimpse into Hellboy’s rich and complex universe, making them essential reads for any Hellboy aficionado.

Hellboy’s stories are more than tales of supernatural heroism – they meditate on destiny, identity, and the human condition. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to Hellboy’s world, these stories offer a compelling exploration of one of the most iconic characters in the realm of horror comics.

Embarking on Hellboy’s journey is just the beginning. There’s a whole universe of Mignola’s work to explore. If you’ve enjoyed this journey into Hellboy’s finest adventures, consider subscribing to our blog, where we’ll continue exploring the dark, fascinating world of horror comics. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of Hellboy and join our community of horror comic enthusiasts. Let’s celebrate the fantastic, the eerie, and the utterly unforgettable together.

The best Hellboy

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