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The Horrors of History: A Look at the Series ‘Manifest Destiny’

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Greetings, history hounds! Today, the Longbox of Darkness invites you on a journey into the American past with a horror series that is sure to captivate, terrify, disturb, and intrigue you. Its name? Image Comics’ “Manifest Destiny!” – An alternate history that reimagines the Lewis and Clark expedition like never before. Join LOD as we uncover the horrors and chthonic madness that lie in the uncharted American wilderness.

Image Comics Manifest Destiny

If you’ve never heard of “Manifest Destiny,” well then, suit up, prime your flintlocks, and check your powder horns, because this is a ride you won’t want to miss. And if you’re already a fan, I invite you to revisit the dark and twisted pages of this remarkable series.

The Concept

“Manifest Destiny” is not your typical historical account. Writer Chris Dingess and artist Matthew Roberts’ horror-infused series takes the real-life expedition of Lewis and Clark and adds a horrifying twist. The duo’s mission is no longer just about exploring and mapping; they’re also tasked with eradicating the hidden monsters and supernatural threats lurking in the unknown territories of America.

Image Comics Manifest Destiny

The Plot

The series kicks off with President Jefferson commissioning Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to journey into the vast unknown, armed with more than just compasses and maps. They are the nation’s first line of defense against unseen horrors, accompanied by a diverse (and perverse) crew of soldiers and criminals, each with their own demons and disturbing secrets.

As they venture further into the wilderness, they uncover more than just new lands; they discover a world teeming with monstrous mythical creatures and nightmarish landscapes, forcing them to question their sanity and the purpose of their ill-fated mission.

Image Comics Manifest Destiny

Key Characters

  • Meriwether Lewis: Brilliant and arrogant, Lewis is haunted by a sordid past and driven by a sense of duty. His leadership is often put to the test as the journey unravels and the pressures mount.
  • William Clark: Lewis’s loyal friend and co-captain. Strong, efficient, grounded, and practical, Clark’s courage and tactical mind, along with his penchant for killing, are often put on display in the most shocking and gruesome of ways.
  • Sacagawea: A young Shoshone woman who is also secretly a terrifying and nigh-invincible monster-slayer. Her official tole is as guide and interpreter, but her hidden talents become invaluable as the expedition continues to face escalating danger.
  • The Crew: A mix of soldiers and convicts, each with their own hidden agenda and psychological foibles. Their main role? Cannon fodder.

Image Comics Manifest Destiny

The Monsters

The wilderness in “Manifest Destiny” is alive with creatures of nightmares, each one more terrifying than the last. These are not your ordinary beasts but twisted amalgamations of nature and myth. Here are just a small smattering of examples:

  • The Minotaur Buffalo: A fusion of man and buffalo, this ferocious beast is a terrifying sight that sets the tone for the horrors to come.
  • Plant Zombies: The flora of the uncharted territories hides a deadly secret, turning men and women into plant-infested zombies.
  • The Vameter: Part bat, part human, this creature haunts the skies and terrorizes any living being it comes across.
  • Man-Eating Lovecraftian Toad: Well, the name pretty much tells you all you need to know, right?

Image Comics Manifest Destiny

The monsters are more than mere antagonists; they symbolize the dark unknown and the fears that lie deep within the collective lizard brain of humanity. They challenge our heroes in ways that go beyond mere physical battles, often adding layers of psychological horror to the story.


“Manifest Destiny” is a rich tapestry, weaving together multiple plot threads intended to keep us on the edge of our seats. The series is divided into several arcs, each focusing on a different aspect of the expedition and the creatures they encounter.

  • The first arc, titled Flora & Fauna, introduces us to the main characters and their crew, as well as the first monster they face: a giant arch that sprouts deadly vines and flowers.
  • The second arc, titled Amphibia & Insecta, shows us how the expedition deals with a river full of mutant frogs and insects.
  • The third arc, titled Chiroptera & Carniformaves, reveals the secrets of Jefferson’s agenda and the mysterious arches, as well as revealing the origin of the crew’s murderous ally Sacagawea.
  • The fourth arc, titled Sasquatch, pits the expedition against the legendary beast of the woods.
  • The fifth arc, titled Mnemophobia & Chronophobia, explores the psychological effects of the journey on the crew, as well as introducing us to a new enemy: time itself.
  • The sixth arc, titled Forms & Invisibilia, takes us to a hidden civilization that has a connection to the arches and the monstrous creatures who have whittled down the crew.
  • The seventh arc, titled Talpalumbricus & Lepus, brings us closer to the Pacific coast, but also to new dangers, such as giant worms and monstrous rabbits. 
  • The eighth and final arc, ‘Sacrifice and Reditus,’ concludes the epic saga with a climactic showdown between Lewis & Clark and their ultimate foe.

Image Comics Manifest Destiny

The Art

The art of “Manifest Destiny” is nothing short of a visual feast, playing a crucial role in bringing the series’ horrifying world to life. Crafted meticulously by illustrator Matthew Roberts, the artwork goes beyond mere illustrations, acting as a narrative force that drives the emotions and intensity of the story.

Roberts’ style balances realism with a touch of surrealism, capturing the wild and untamed landscapes with vivid detail. From the grotesque features of the monstrous creatures to the nuanced expressions of the human characters, the art is as intricate as it is evocative.

The color palette, masterfully handled by Owen Gieni, adds another layer of complexity, using hues that evoke a sense of foreboding and mystery. Earthy tones, eerie greens, and dark shadows create an atmosphere that’s both enticing and unsettling.

What truly sets the art of “Manifest Destiny” apart is its ability to make the unimaginable feel real. It’s not just about the visual representation of monsters and landscapes; it’s about creating a visceral experience that resonates with the reader. Every brushstroke is a testament to the fusion of history, horror, and creativity that makes “Manifest Destiny” a standout. In a genre where visuals are paramount, this series offers an artistic experience that’s both hauntingly beautiful and utterly unforgettable.

“Manifest Destiny” masterfully intertwines human struggles, monstrous horrors, and historical intrigue to create a gripping narrative that is both terrifying and thought-provoking. It’s a multi-layered experience that appeals to horror fans, history buffs, and anyone in search of a thrilling adventure.

The series isn’t merely a tale of exploration and monsters; it’s also a study of human cruelty and greed, a reflection on our deepest fears, and a chaotic trip that never lets up. It’s a series that invites us to face the external terrors of the unknown, to confront the hidden horrors within ourselves, and brave a path less traveled. Whether you’re a seasoned horror aficionado or a curious newcomer, this series promises to leave a lasting impression.

The Wrap-Up

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Thank you for joining me on this thrilling expedition, fellow history buffs of horror. Until our next dark venture, keep those pages turning, and don’t be afraid to plunge into the unknown.

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